Let's Get Started!

Hollajack Clothing Company offers customers a multitude of options to interact within the online community. Whether You are an artist looking to share your art with the world. An entreprenuer looking to create a brand name for yourself. A business looking to expand it's visibility through new designs. Or just somone looking to buy unique, one off Tshirt designs....We have something for you.

Getting Started is easy, you can either browse our selection of designs without creating an account or start being a part of the community by creating your own artist profile. From there you will be able to rate, comment, promote, earn money, and noteriety. All while getting to interact with designers and artists like yourself. With Hollajack Clothing Company we promote the idea that art is subjective. We never limit our community to what we think is good or bad art for a tshirt design, we leave that up to the community through votes, views, comments, shares, and purchases.

The Leader Board

Every month the community chooses the top Brand, Artist, and design through the "Buzz" they generate.

Brand of the month

This Month's Brand of the month is Hollajack Clothing Company itself...because hey, we just started. But next month will be open for grabs.

Be next months top brand!

Artist of the month

Ameliajay - Jessica Bernstein is an amazingly talented artist who takes her inspiration from the world around her.

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Design of the month

Finding My Bhudda - By Jessica Berstein. This piece was put together in college and was one of her favorite pieces. It was digitized and cleaned up in Photoshop.

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