Ross Capicchioni tells his crazy story of how he survived a shotgun execution, and how he sees the world now.

When Ross Capicchioni was 17 years old and living in Detroit, Michigan he experienced a crime that is too horrible to even imagine and should have killed him by all accounts. Ross somehow picked himself up, got an officers attention, died, was brought back to life, and then made a recovery. After all that he somehow came out the other side with a positive attitude and was “rewarded” with a new outlook on life.

The thing that gets to me frightens me the most about Ross’s story is not the heinous crime or the out of body experience. ┬áIt’s the fact that he so vividly remembers the entire experience and has to live with it everyday. The fact that he can carry around a memory/experience like this and have the positive outlook on life is just amazing to me.

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