Questioning perspective: What is “normal”?

99.9 percent of people in the world would say what Alex Honnold does is insane or at the least beyond belief. Even for the best climbers in the world climbing anything this high without a rope is a feat in itself by just getting over the fear. When you factor in the high difficulty of the climb (around 5.12) it seems impossible. I’m not saying Alex Honnold thinks that climbing half dome without a rope is normal but the fact that he can do it and even considered doing it makes the idea, in his mind, somewhat normal.

What I am saying is that we create our world, Alex has spent years building the skills and strength to get to this level but that is only half of the challenge. The last half (or more than half) is breaking down the barrier that we all have that makes something like this impossible to us. The barrier is different for everyone but it basically boils down to the one that is ingrained in us from when we were little to not put ourselves into harms way. What Alex Honnold does is wild, in my mind it is crazy. The fact remains though that what Alex does is a testament to what we as humans are capable of when we push ourselves to see our full potential.

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