Create your world!

PLEASE STOP AND WATCH THIS!!! It’s a powerful piece because what he says transcends generations to the point of which this speech can reflect on our world today. It makes me wonder if humanity is doomed to repeat it’s same pitfalls because we are incapable of growing past our base emotions.

I don’t agree with the presidents as dictators visual, I would have taken that in another direction. The main thing I take away from this video is that it is us who make this world what it is, we create our world. More specifically, you create your world. If you want something to happen, make it happen…..obstacles are just a part of the experience….believe in the idea that you can affect the output of time….You can essentially change the universe moment to moment…. so lets create something good by believing we can…..If we want a better world, we need to create it.
We need to stop looking to others to make our lives better, and ask ourselves how we can do it ourselves. Government can only do so much, and the gap is only getting larger. We keep waiting for the next generation to take care of what is happening….but this is the tipping point and we can no longer hope for a better future………we have to create it.

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