Hollajack.com is making some major changes.

We are in the process of adding some new software to our website so that people can make a simple design right on the website or even upload their own works of art directly onto our garments and then have them printed and shipped anywhere they want.

We use direct to garment printing that allows for photo realistic prints that are professional grade. These are very durable prints that will last for years if taken care of properly, not some weekend party “iron on” throw away tee shirts.

We will also soon have the ability, for our more artistic designers, to make money from their designs. All you will have to do is create an account, upload a design, tell us where to send the money and you can lay back, or promote your design to get more sales.

So as we get more designers our stock will also grow exponentially. So check back soon and we hope you start designing


Design a custom t-shirt online.

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