“Create your world” goes to a whole new level.

I originally read about the guy who made the prototype for this in 2009 and I thought it was a great backyard invention, but probably wouldn’t be able to make it in the marketplace. Fast-forward to 2012 and Raymond Li’s Jetlev can be found at resorts all over the world for rent or you can purchase one of these machines for a mere $99,500. That may seem like a lot but at least you can go rent one for a couple of hours if you get the chance, and after watching the promo I’m considering tracking one down on my next vacation.

When Raymond here first set out to make this contraption everyone said he was crazy, and the engineers he talked to said it flat out wouldn’t work, but he pressed on. The brilliance of the jetlev is that Raymond came up with a way to minimize weight by pumping the propulsion (water) through a hose, from a little boat with a 200 horsepower engine that floats around wherever you go. The coolest part is that this idea came from just one guy, not a team of engineers, just a guy who said, “I bet I can make a fire hose into a jet pack”…..Awesome creation Raymond.

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