Brothers on the Run…A once in a lifetime trip from Alaska to Chile (all episodes)(full season).

I have posted a few articles about John and Eric Jacksons’ trip from Alaska to South America and decided to consolidate it all into one post. I personally hate reality t.v. and I’m not sure I can classify Brothers on the run as reality T.v. (it’s more of a documentery). My hope is that reality t.v. might take a note or two from this show. First off it’s family, it’s a road trip and they have heart. They are donating to charity and helping the poor along the way.
Of course at the end of the day it’s two snowboarders riding and surfing across the world. Which turns out to be an amazing adventure, and I promise if you watch the first episode you are going to get hooked.
It’s a great creation and I hope to see more in the future.

Episode 1 – The Premiere.
Episode 2 – Alaskan Snowboard Wonderland.
Episode 3 – Powder and Kickers.
Episode 4 – Surfing in Alaska.
Episode 5 – Mountaineering in Alaska.
Episode 6 – Craig Kelly, Cliff Jumping, and Adventures.
Episode 7 – Crowley Time.
Episode 8 – Scoring Perfect Waves in Baja.
Episode 9 – Barreled in Mexico.
Episode 10 – Surfing with Bruce Irons and Coco Nogales.
Episode 11 – Setbacks in Mexico.
Episode 12 – Jam Sessions and Surf Trips.
Episode 13 – Skating, Surfing, and BMXing in Nicaragua.
Episode 14 – Heli Sessions and Flowboarding.
Episode 15 – Surfing, Skating, and Hospital Beds.
Episode 16 – The End of the Road.


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